About Us

Dog Pro Concierge

Dog Pro Concierge is the professional group of dog care. We love to work for you and for your dog to make your comfortable apartment life.

In this decade, the number of dogs increases rapidly and most dog owners enjoy a living with their pet dogs. On the other hand, some dog owners have been received various troubles from their dog.

Our company philosophy is “Creating a comfortable symbiosis for both human and dogs". Therefore, we believe that all dog owners have to consider about the people who do not like a dog. All dog owners have high pride and consideration for non-dog owners.

The dog spends in a high-rise apartment is different from the dog spends in a detached house, and various special trainings are necessary. And the dog has a lot of opportunities to see people and to be pet by other tenants. The dog should be neat and clean all the time.

We wish that we want to help you and your dog for living more comfortable and secure life.

Dog Pro Concierge
Owner Kenn Sato (a dog training expert)