Counseling Before you start dog training

Please contact us immediately if you have any problems about your dog's behavior. Professional dog trainer will find the cause why your dog has behavioral problems. This counseling is very important to make a successful result

MENU Session: 1
Fee Free (via email, phone, and onsite)

Consulting Before you start living with a dog

This consulting service is designed for a person or a family who would like to start living with a dog. A dog trainer visits your home and advice you a suitable breed for you or for your family.

MENU Session: 1 (120 minutes)
Fee \22,000(including tax)

Happy Puppy Training One of the most important training

This training is designed for a puppy up to 6 month old. Train your puppy suitable behavior and preventing bad behavior as housebreaking, lack of socialization, excessive barking or biting problems.

Happy Puppy Training
MENU Session: 90 min. x 5 times
Fee \45,000(including tax)

Obedience Training Make a happy life with your dog

This obedience training package is special designed for a dog spends in a luxury apartment. Your dog should be a well-behaved at the entrance, elevator, and other public spaces.

Obedience Training
MENU Session: 90min. x 6 times
Fee \54,000(including tax)

Trouble Shooting Modify your dog’s unsuitable behavior

We have many kinds of trouble shooting.
@ Housebreaking ? any ages
@ Excessive Barking ? door bell, people
@ Socialization ? with people or dogs
@ Walking Manner ? pull on the leash
@ Hyperactive- jumping, running

Trouble Shooting
MENU Session: decided by the counseling(Session: 120min. x number of times)
Fee \12,000 per session (including tax)

Other Services Special designed training

@ Weight control program
@ Walking training course
@ Cafe & Shopping training
@ Short stay training (7days minimum)
@ Dog run training
@ Drive training
and more

Other Services
MENU Session: depending on the training
Fee Contact us