Special designed for pet dogs which live in a high-rise apartment.

Comfortable life with your dog

Would you like to brush up your best quality apartment life with your dog to enjoy it more and to make it comfort. The dogs spend in a high-rise apartment is different from the dogs spend in a house, and various special training are necessary.

The owner of Dog-Pro Concierge, Kenn Sato had 10 years experience of dog obedience training which live in an apartment in New York City. Therefore he is an expert of the apartment pet dog training. And other staffs also know the apartment pet dog training very well. If you have any problems or concern about your excellent life style with you lovely dog, please feel free to contact us. We do not charge you for on-line and on-site counseling. Please find our detail service contents and fees from our web-site. http://www.bestdog.jp/en

Instructor: Kenn Sato

Kenn Sato has been working with dogs since early 1996. Kenn managed a dog obedience training and counseling office in New York City. He learned dog training technique at a private dog trainer school in N.Y. and from several master dog trainers. His specialty is training for dogs live in a high-rise apartment. In 2006, he received an evaluator of American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen Test. Modified more than 1,000 dog’s behavior.

High quality dog trimming service

As you have already known that a dog does not have a custom to take a bath. However, the dog spend in an apartment has many chances to see people and to be pet by other tenants. Therefore the dog should be neat and clean all the time.

ccording to a dog owner’s survey, more than 80% of dogs do not like taking a bath. If your dog does not like to be taken to a grooming salon, and you would like to give the dog a better environment when he/she needs grooming, please contact us.

Dog Pro Concierge offers high quality full services of house-call grooming. An excellent groomer who had great experience in New York City will visit your apartment and take care of your dog with tender loving care.